Secrets of Chinese Astrology:

Signs and Their Meanings

Chinese Astrology, a mystical yet intricate realm of astrological science, traces its origins back thousands of years. Based on a unique twelve-year lunar cycle, each year in the cycle aligns with an animal sign, which is believed to imprint distinctive characteristics and tendencies on those born in that year.

Unlike Western astrology that revolves around the sun and monthly cycles, Chinese astrology focuses on lunar cycles, presenting a complex and comprehensive portrait of personality traits, life cycles, and relationship patterns. This article aims to unravel the secrets of Chinese Zodiac signs and their meanings.


To wrap up, Chinese astrology, with its intricate network of interrelationships and the cyclical concept of time, offers profound insights into human behavior, compatibility, and destiny. In revealing the essence of each sign, we enhance our understanding and empathy towards others and ourselves, contributing to personal growth and harmonious relationships. Remember, astrology serves as a guide, while our free will shapes our destiny.